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Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh! And as we promised, here's the last video that that DeJerk made...


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well hello again, everybody! Didjya miss me? No? Well that's alright, I missed you enough for the lot of us!

You see, it turns out that New York is full of crotchety curators and naive nay-sayers, bloated blood-suckers and tasteless arteeeests. I'm sure that there's some good in there somewhere, but you're little 'ol country-mouse Drica couldn't find it in that big city she used to call home! I did a few cold calls, a few appointments, and dabbled in the (GAG) shmoozing events, and all I got in return were insults, ignorance, and insurmountable haughtiness.

The whole thing was a big, expensive, but necessary learning experience for we DeJerks, and what we've learned is that WE LOVE PORTLAND! And not just Portland, but our entire Pacific North West community of freaks, lovers, and friends! So, for the time being, we'll be focusing on local and regional endeavors, and - if something happens to come our way from New York - we might consider it... if they're lucky!

It's a good thing we've made this decision, too, because while I was gone Tiago made many wonderful connections, and dove spray-can first into just as many exciting projects!

For starters, he'll be debuting brand-spanking new work DeJerk at August's Last Thursday event on his old home-turf of Alberta Street. The Breeze Block Gallery, (located at 1011 NE Alberta in space #B), will be hosting a bicycle-themed night of art, entertainment, and tabling from local businesses and non-profits alike. Featured at the August 28th event will be photography from Sarah Eastmand and our man Jonathan Maus of, documenting the history of the Portland-based Sprockettes, including all new photos from their 2008 Summer Tour. Not to mention tables and merch from the Bike Farm collective, Black Star Bags, and BellaDonna Bicycle Frames! The whole shabang starts at 7:00pm, with the highlight of the evening being an 8:00pm performance by the Sprockettes, themselves!

Next on our plate we've got a commission from Black Cat Cafe, to be finished and displayed within a month or so, PLUS a three-month show at SE Portland's Vino Vixens, beginning in October! Rest assured that more details will come, and that we'll be posting more regularly now that I'm home! Also, stay tuned for a special holiday offer from La Casa DeJerk...

Thanks for holding your breath for us everyone, it really helped! Now get out there and Jerk around!

Love, and Be Ridiculous,

Drica DeJerk