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Saturday, September 26, 2009

2 Great Events, 1 Big Week!

(And as usual, a heapin' of short notice!)

Hey all! I hope your summer was as amazing as ours! We got to travel a bit, soak up a lot of sun, and we even sunk a sailboat! Mr. DeJerk and myself went on a rickety rollercoaster of experiences, came out relatively unscathed and back in touch with our ridiculous selves. We're so happy to be sharing this great big world with all of you, and we've got two great events coming up this week to celebrate just how great and crazy life can be! (Oh yes, and of course to showcase some Work DeJerk!) Well I'll get right to it, since one of these events is happening TOMORROW!

Its been about 3 months since Tiago and the Mt. Scott Teen Corps finished the city-sanctioned mural that now accents the Arleta/Mt. Scott neighborhood in outer Southeast Portland, and I'd say it's high time for some celebration! So tomorrow, between 2-6pm, come on down to Mt. Scott Park (SE 72nd and Harold) for food, music and family fun! The Teens have put together a raucously good time for all, and local businesses are contributing the goods to get the party going! We'll have a ribbon-cutting, of sorts, and join the community in their much-deserved revelry!

If you can't make it tomorrow, then surely you must join us at this First Thursday's premiere poster-art event: ArtCrank! The event is one of many held throughout the country along the Artcrank tour, but is also super special because it is doubling as a fundraiser for the Portland-based Bikes to Rwanda project. Artcrank celebrates bicycles and posters coming together as two of the most fun and accessible means of creating and doing. All of the posters are priced at $30, with $5 from each sale going to Bikes to Rwanda. The work DeJerk will be complimented by that of some of our closest friends, and some of the best damn bikey artists around. These posters are going to be a steal and we'd love to see you there! Artcrank will be held at The Cleaners at The Ace Hotel (403 SW 10th) from 5:00pm-11:00pm this Thursday October 1st. Oh, and thank you to Jonathan Maus of for featuring a painting of Tiago's in his coverage of the story! We love you bikeportland!

Signing out, with a sleepy head and full happy heart,

Drica DeJerk