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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You know, Tiago's been getting a lot of well deserved, steadily increasing praise and adulation this past year. He's been featured on websites, in newspaper, on the radio, and now, even in a book. All in all, we feel pretty great about the direction we're headed! Something happened recently, though, that's filled us with a warm gooey feeling that's even warmer and gooier than all those other things - combined! It happened last Thursday during Tiago's Cycleseen show opening at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. There we were, hob-knobbing with the poster producing elite of Stumptown, when someone called Tiago over to the central cork board, to point out a very special note that the center had received. The note, (which can be seen on the opening page of the IPRC website), was from a student who had attended Tiago's Stencil Workshop, hosted by the IPRC last year. This student had been so inspired by her newly acquired skill set, that she developed an entire space at her home to be dedicated to art! Here she is in her own words...

PORTLANDERS LOVE THE IPRC AND OUR WORKSHOPS! Here's what one recent participant had to say: "I'm just writing to tell you how thankful I am to find a place like the IPRC! I took the spraypaint stencil class last weekend. . . the instructors were fabulous and have inspired me to turn my garage into an art space. Thanks again for offering such fantastic workshops!"

Wow! How's that for inspiring? I sure am proud of that Mr. DeJerk! Thanks for taking the time to read about this. Now let's all get out there, share some skills and spread ridiculous love and inspiration!


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