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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stencilada this Saturday

Announcing: A Very Special Shout-Out From Sunny San Francsico!

Mark Twain (one of Tiago's favorite American authors) once wrote that the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. Well, friends, that may've been true for Mr. Twain - but for yours truly, coming from Portland, Oregon's crazy mixed-up idea of spring - San Francisco is a breath of warm, yet fresh, air, and Tiago and I plan on soaking up every bit of it while we're here!

And just why are we here, you ask? Well, to celebrate Tiago's first permanent installation unveiling of course!!!

This Saturday at CELLspace (2050 Bryant St.), (
San Francisco's own Mission arts collective), we'll be celebrating the unveiling of a new street-facing facade complete with stenciled panels by 8 national stencil artists, and "featuring special stencils on paper by Tiago DeJerk." The celebration will last from 1pm - 5pm, and will be complete with a public BBQ, good tunes, and even more paint and accessible walls. If you come down after 3pm, try to bring something to grill or drink, as supplies are limited.

We're so excited to be a part of this project - another wonderful opportunity for Tiago's career and our experience in this crazy world DeArt, provided by Russell Howze of and Stencil Nation (the book Tiago was featured in last summer...).

We're also really excited to visit galleries and collectives all day - soak in the culture of the Bay Area, and get a semblence of a much needed vacation in at night! If you have any leads for us, or just want to suggest a cheap sushi joint, please please please drop us a line at! For now, though, we're going to head out for the day, and show this city how to Love, and be Ridiculous!

Hoping y'all are happy, wherever you are,

Drica DeJerk

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